Wild sheep chase

20. ledna 2018 v 0:58 | Ovca
Suddenly you realise how time might not always heal everything. Incomprehensible anger rising out of your inner self, anger that was hidden somewhere deep inside of you. Anger, which surprises you and makes you wonder about your past and presence.
This is the me I've always wanted to be. The life I'm living at the moment is the life I've been dreaming of as a kid.
But you're still a kiddo, sheepy.
That's just right.
You meet a friend from far away yet that friend brings back a bit of that adventurous, free-spirited vibe you felt. You remember the stories, still can feel the goosebumps evoked underneath your skin, you recall the summer breeze in your hair.
That gentle summer breeze waving through your light dress.
So you tell the story one more time.
More for you to remember than for their interest.
Maybe you're not completely over it.
Just like the light warm breeze can appear from time to time.
Late evening talks which make you human the most.
And then...
Anger, where does it come from, actually? You should be indifferent, you know you are, but the perception that it's better this way, not meeting certain people, is still present.
Being apart from people close to you for some time clears the relationships.
Some people disappear. Some stay. Certain connections become tigher. Some loosen up.
People are entering your life all the time. Exiting your life afterwards. It is interesting indeed how you cross paths with strangers at certain points of their lives and become friends with them. You walk along together. With some for just a slightest while, with the others for ages. And after that crossing point you are just like strangers again, you see familiar faces yet their insides are somewhat foreign to you.
But what is it that you're chasing, sheepy?

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