Who are you

24. února 2018 v 0:36 | Ovca
As a part of the experiment you two go out. He happens to be in your city, so you go to a bar and chat and talk and sit and talk... and you realize there's nothing that would make you fancy him, but you still find some interest in his occupation. ... So you kiss, he's a good kisser you have to admit but that is all there is.
You go on. And on and on.
Days pass by.
Sometimes you look in the mirror and ask yourself "Who are you?" and you can't recognize the person that's looking back at you from your own reflection.
And so you party, you do like partying, and experimenting too.
So he comes and even though you're refusing his touches, he's pushy so you hook up. Was it what you wanted, sheepy? Or he just pushed strong enough you failed to resist? Remember that you said no as the beginning.
You feel used.
Meeting strangers and strangers are passing by.
And now you don't want to get attached, trust issues are the matter?
Or is it just walls you have built around yourself?
You feel used and at the same time don't want to get attached, isn't that contradictory?
Who are you?
The eyes in the mirror stare sharply at you, they are so familiar as if they were your own yet you still wonder who's really behind them.
You wish for something and then you are unsure.
Consider your priorities.
But anyways you do not trust the stranger. Because all of them are just strangers.

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