28. dubna 2018 v 19:06 | Ovca
You're shit, Sheepy. You're going shit. And expecting the best in return.
Maybe you're just a bit broken.
All of us are.
Still on that never-ending chase?
When being comfy with somebody is an issue, don't do it.
" commit to someone. To start something real. Build it. You have no time, but it's also a matter of priority. But you've finally decided. So don't let anyone fuck you in the meantime...."
You meet the other one randomly.
"...a lot of things in common, and you promise a trip or two..."
Are a few-days-meet-ups and then saying bye all the time the kind of commitment you're destined to?
The third one. You fancy him from the first glimse, how cliche is that?
" while daydreaming about him, he invites you for a drink, so you two talk and get a bit drunk..."
You're in love with them all. The people, of course. You love people. And life. Even though one second you want to shrink and disappear, the next second you feel more alive than ever before. Life's hard. Regardless of relationships we have, it's a daily struggle. But you're a fighter.

And so you wonder, will that chase ever stop? What's at the end of it?

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