19. května 2018 v 21:17 | Ovca
So what's all this hustle?

Everyone has different timing.
Everything in life takes time.

Be patient. Patience is a virtue.

Yet you feel more lonely than ever before. Completely lost in this world, like you're loosing its pieces in between your fingers, unable to chatch them. Wanting somebody to put your broken pieces together, yet knowing you're the only one who is here to do that.

Being envious of your sisters and brothers.

Everyone has different timing.

I wish I had somebody to fix me. To fix all my breakdowns- I have nobody to talk to.
Firstly you need to fix yourself.

That sudden feeling of missing someone so badly makes your chest ache. Again? Maybe it's just because you compare yourself to others and their 'achievements' too much.

Waiting for this struggle to be over.
But will it ever end? Isn't this mountain just a foothill of another one?

All you gotta do is to collect your torn-apart pieces and glue them back together.

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