5. září 2018 v 0:14 | Ovca
Validating yourself.
Hearing from the others that you're fine. Just fine. Everything's as it's supposed to be. Wanting them to say that yes, this is alright and you're doing well. Even better than them at your age. Boosting your ego. As always, maybe you just needed to say it out loud and there happened to be audience. Anyways it's better to talk to someone than to talk to yourself.
Maybe this was your metaphorical Camino de Santiago. Maybe there's more Caminos de Santiago in life. This was definitely one of yours.
Meeting new people on daily basis. Breaking your life into bare essentials. Breathe, sleep, eat. Even that's enough. Even that's more than expected.
Realization of your own self. Your own self.
Finally you feel that the never-ending chase is over. Maybe not over forever. But over for now. You feel validated. Down to earth and grounded. It's not the end of the journey yet, not at all, but it's something. You moved forward. There's nothing to chase. You just need to wait and prepare. Get ready.
And make this validation your essence.

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